Brenda Blackmon – Brenda Blackmon Communications, Inc. – Multi Emmy Award Winning Anchor – New York, Philanthropist



Introducing Multi-Emmy Award Winning News Anchor Brenda Blackmon

Brenda Blackmon is a multi-Emmy award winning news anchor of New York City’s WWOR-TV, My Network Television’s flagship station. Brenda recently celebrated 20 years in the nation’s number one media market; covering the news and topics that matter to you most.

Throughout her career, Brenda has interviewed and covered stories involving key members of state, politicians, religious heads, and the events that have come to shape our society, including the events of September 11th, 2001. She has also been a strong advocate for Lupus research, finding The Kelly Fund For Lupus, Inc.

Brenda Blackmon Interviews Gov. Sarah Palin

Veteran multi-Emmy Award winning journalist Brenda Blackmon interviews former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin at WWOR-TV/MY9 studios. Gov. Palin opens up to Blackmon about her family, politics, and her 2008 election campaign with then Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain.

Brenda Blackmon Honored With McDonald’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Veteran multi-Emmy Award winning journalist Brenda Blackmon, was the recipient of McDonald’s Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring her 20 years of work in the New York City market.

Brenda Blackmon & Her Daughter Kelly Raise Awareness About Lupus On Good Day NY

Brenda Blackmon and her daughter Kelly discuss the launch of her new book “A Mom’s Journey,” which chronicles Blackmon’s journey of faith and hope while her daughter battled Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease.

Brenda Blackmon Lobbying For Lupus

Brenda Blackmon lobbying before a congressional hearing regarding Lupus Research and funding. Brenda recounts the story of her daughter’s struggle with the life-threatening illness, and how education and research are key in fighting the disease.